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Lemoore DUI Court Info

Have you been arrested for DUI in Lemoore?

If you have been arrested for DUI in Lemoore, it is a good idea to speak with a DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. Terry A. Wapner has represented clients in Lemoore in the area of DUI defense for more than 27 years.

Lemoore is a located in Kings County and in California's San Joaquin Valley. Lemoore is small in size, with a population of only 25,000, but is the location of the Lemoore Naval Air Station (NAS Lemoore). NAS Lemoore is the Navy's primary West Coast Tactical Naval Air Station. It is one of the Navy's busiest airfields.

Mr. Wapner is considered by judges and other attorneys in the Fresno area to be a “go to” expert in the field of DUI defense. While the laws regarding DUI are consistent throughout the state, having an attorney like Mr. Wapner is a great benefit. He is familiar with local law enforcement, courthouse personnel and courthouse locations.

Mr. Wapner has experience representing military personnel

Mr. Wapner has successfully defended commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers, and enlisted personnel who have been charged with DUI and DUI-related offenses in Lemoore, Hanford, and the rest of the Kings County Area. His clients have included F18 Fighter Pilots, Navigators (back seaters), Navy Divers, and civilian defense contractors. In addition, Mr. Wapner also represents spouses of military personnel who have been charged with DUI in Lemoore or the surrounding areas.

When representing someone in Lemoore, a DUI lawyer should know that the Master at Arms  (MA) will have some training related to field sobriety tests, but their observations will not necessarily support detention or a subsequent arrest. This could lead to the evidence being inadmissible at a later DMV or court hearing. Mr. Wapner has been able to get many cases dismissed for Commissioned Officers, as well as enlisted service members and their spouses.

Where is the Hanford Courthouse?

If you have been arrested in Lemoore for DUI, your case will be heard at the Hanford Courthouse in Kings County.

Kings County Superior Court

1426 South Drive
Hanford, CA 93230
Phone: (559) 582-1010

What are the penalties for a DUI in Lemoore?

After a DUI arrest in Lemoore, you will be faced with both administrative and criminal penalties. It is important to understand that after your arrest, you have only 10 days to request an administrative hearing. This hearing is the time for you to appeal your automatic license suspension. If you do not request this administrative hearing within the 10-day time frame, you will have waived your right to the hearing.

If you have been convicted of a DUI in Lemoore, CA Penal and CA Vehicle Codes will be used by the court to decide your punishment. In these cases, there are both minimum and maximum sentences. This means that a judge will typically have some leeway and discretion when it comes time for your sentencing. If this is your first DUI in Kings County, you will likely receive the following sentence:

  • 3-5 years probation
  • 5-10 days in jail
  • Approximately $2200 fine, which includes all assessments
  • 3 or 9 month DUI school
  • DMV will suspend your license for 6 months

Call Terry A. Wapner after a Lemoore DUI arrest

If you have been arrested for DUI in Lemoore, take a moment to contact Mr. Wapner. Dealing with a DUI arrest can be tough on both you and your family. It is helpful to know that you can rely on an attorney like Mr. Wapner to help you through this legal process. Mr. Wapner has helped many clients in Lemoore and the surrounding areas and he can help you, too! Please call (559) 266-8604 to schedule an initial consultation.

What Happens Now?

Roadside arrest

It’s a frightening situation. You are arrested for DUI after submitting to a breathalyzer and participating in a couple of field sobriety tests. The officer confiscated your driver’s license and provided you with a temporary license. You were given a notice to appear in court in a few weeks. Now what? Fresno DUI attorney, Terry A. Wapner, can help you make sense of this situation, guide you through the process, and might be able to provide the defense that results in finding you Not Guilty!

Myths & Truths About DUI Charges


Myth: “There is nothing that a Fresno DUI defense lawyer can do.” Truth: Absolutely not true. Over the past 7-10 years, the conviction rate in California for DUI's is only around 70 percent. That means that 30 percent of the charges are being reduced to charges that are less than a DUI charge or not guilty verdicts are being returned. I have the ability and have won Fresno DUI cases. Do not give in to despair and believe that you are destined to lose. Entering a guilty plea to a DUI charge when the evidence against you can be challenged may result in an expensive mistake that could haunt you in the long run.