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Drunk Driving Arrests May Increase During Prom and Graduation Season

Posted by Terry A. Wapner | Apr 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

Fresno DUI Lawyer Weighs In

In high schools throughout California, students are witnessing drunk-driving car accidents. These wrecks are different from real ones, though, because everyone walks away unscathed. The accidents are staged as part of the Every 15 Minutes program, which is designed to illustrate the possible consequences of driving while intoxicated.

The lessons about drunk driving are important for teens to learn as graduation and prom seasons approach, since many teens make the dangerous choice to drink and drive while they are celebrating these milestone events. Fresno DUI lawyers know that there are often more teens arrested for drunk driving during prom and graduation seasons, and believe it is very important for parents to talk to their teens about the dangers of drunk driving.

Avoiding Drunk Driving on Prom and Graduation

Parental involvement can play a major role in preventing teen drunk-driving accidents and arrests. Parents should be sure that their children are aware of the risks that they face and of the high mortality rate associated with drunk-driving crashes. Parents should also:

  • Know who their kids are spending prom and graduation night with
  • Contact other parents to make sure they will be home if their son/daughter is going to a party or event at someone's house
  • Let kids know that they can ALWAYS call for a ride without fear of getting into trouble, rather than getting into the car with someone who is intoxicated

In many cases, parents and schools can help prevent drinking and driving by planning alcohol-free post-prom or post-graduation activities. Arranging professional transportation such as a limousine for prom night can also help prevent drunk-driving incidents from occurring.

What to Do If Your Son or Daughter is Arrested for Drunk Driving

Despite the best efforts of parents, sometimes teens are arrested for drunk driving anyway. This is especially true because there are zero-tolerance rules in place that can result in a teen facing DUI charges for even having one drink.

A DWI arrest can result in the suspension of the teen's driver's license and can result in the teenager having a record of criminal charges. This can have a major impact on the rest of the adolescent's life.

However, a drunk-driving arrest doesn't have to be a disaster. An experienced Fresno DWI lawyer can help teenagers by:

  • Defending them against charges if there is insufficient evidence or if law enforcement violated their constitutional rights
  • Working to get the teenager into a diversion program to avoid a criminal record
  • Arranging a plea bargain so the teen can face lesser charges

The sooner you contact a lawyer after a Fresno DUI arrest, the better chance you have of resolving the matter without the rest of your child's life being affected.

Fresno DUI attorney Terry A. Wapner has helped many underage drivers combat impaired-driving charges. Contact our office today to find out what he can do for you.

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