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Driver Shouldn't be Ticketed for Using a Map App

Posted by Terry A. Wapner | Feb 27, 2014 | 0 Comments

The 5th District Court of Appeal, today, tossed out the conviction of Steven Spriggs, who was given a ticket for using the map feature on his cell phone. The Court concluded that the vehicle code applies to listening and talking on a cell phone while driving-not looking at a map app. This decision over-rules Fresno Traffic Court Commissioner Jeff Bird and a three-judge appellate panel of the Fresno Superior Court, who upheld the original traffic court decision. The original decision found that Spriggs violated the cell phone law by using the map app. This decision found that the court cannot expand the law against texting or talking by including using the map app.

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Terry A. Wapner

Terry A. Wapner confines his practice to the defense of persons accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, and related crimes.


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It’s a frightening situation. You are arrested for DUI after submitting to a breathalyzer and participating in a couple of field sobriety tests. The officer confiscated your driver’s license and provided you with a temporary license. You were given a notice to appear in court in a few weeks. Now what? Fresno DUI attorney, Terry A. Wapner, can help you make sense of this situation, guide you through the process, and might be able to provide the defense that results in finding you Not Guilty!

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Myth: “There is nothing that a Fresno DUI defense lawyer can do.” Truth: Absolutely not true. Over the past 7-10 years, the conviction rate in California for DUI's is only around 70 percent. That means that 30 percent of the charges are being reduced to charges that are less than a DUI charge or not guilty verdicts are being returned. I have the ability and have won Fresno DUI cases. Do not give in to despair and believe that you are destined to lose. Entering a guilty plea to a DUI charge when the evidence against you can be challenged may result in an expensive mistake that could haunt you in the long run.